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Let's Get It Started

Knowing what to do and 
when can change the
trajectory of your teen's
college future!

Get step-by-step instructions and spreadsheets to guide your teen through the college application process. Not understanding the process leaves most teens in a state of overwhelm and anxiety, producing less than optimal results.  Since there are no practice rounds when applying to college, you have to get it right the first time.  Knowing what to do and when can make all the difference.

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Don't Know Where to 

Apply to College?

A serious problem

requiring a serious solution.

For students and parents seeking a strategy for creating a college list that makes sense for the student and the family.   I have created just such a strategy, which will allow students to focus on colleges that match their academic, social, and financial needs 


For students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who are taking regular, honors, AP or IB courses, attending high school in the United States and wanting to attend a college in the United States.

Concierge College Counseling


A full service, individualized counseling,

and coaching program

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At this level of service, I provide the student with individualized instruction and coaching through every step of the college planning and application process.  My goal is for the student to have several college choices of which he or she would be excited to attend and that meets the academic, social, and financial needs of the student.