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The Standout Method - Intensive

The "STANDOUT" Method - Intensive provides full service, one-to-one college counseling and coaching. 
This approach allows students to shine in the
college admissions process, thereby, improving
their chances of admission success.

Testimonials -


“Linda is highly intelligent and very resourceful. She has been highly professional at every stage of the application process.  I cannot emphasize enough how helpful she has been in choosing appropriate colleges and making sure that we followed through with what was required during all stages of the application process. Working with Linda has been a pleasure.  She has my highest recommendation.”                                                                                         J.W. Parent


“Thank you so, so much for assisting me in the craziness of the college process.  This is an important decision for me and I am infinitely grateful that you stuck with me through all of it.  I will always appreciate all of your time, suggestions, and advice.”
                                                                            H.A. Student

The STANDOUT Method - Intensive includes the following: 


  • A minimum of 40 hours of one-on-one planning and coaching with you and your child. 

  • Review and assessment of current academic records and suggestions for opportunities to improve academic strengths and weaknesses while still in high school 

  • Review and assessment of extracurricular activities including leadership roles

  • Assisting the student in developing a  strategy for taking standardized tests -  SAT/ACT, SAT subject tests

  • Review early application deadlines (e.g. early decision, early action, etc.) to determine if advantageous for the student

  • Helping the student to identify and prioritize college preferences - what is important to him or her (e.g., accessibility of professors, the opportunity to study abroad, or a school that offers an academic/social balance)

  • Building a college list that matches the student’s academic, social, and financial needs

  • Providing a series of worksheets to keep the student on target for what to do and when (deadline charts)

  • Helping the student to identify teachers who may be writing his/her letters of recommendation – whom should they ask, when to ask, and what should they ask for in a letter of recommendation

  • Providing a strategy for visiting college campuses – when, where, and how?

  • Mock interviews – I stage mock college interviews to allow the student to become comfortable with the question and answer process.  I prepare the student by providing an outline of frequently asked questions so that they may prepare their answers, which we then practice, review, and critique

  • Guidance for and review of essays and personal statements.  I do not write essays or personal statements for the student!

  • Review of the completed application package prior to submission by the student; however, the application contents and timeliness of submission remain the sole responsibility of the student

  • If deferred or waitlisted - what to do and when

  • Assisting the student in making the college choice - weighing his/her college options  

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DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any college nor do I accept compensation from any college for any reason.  There are more than 2,800  four-year colleges in the United States, and I cannot know everything about every college.  I do my best to provide you with accurate and current information but cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Thus, I cannot guarantee your child's college admission success or financial assistance from any college even after using my suggestions, information, or strategies.


You should know that all products and services offered by iCollege Consulting are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of my websites, or any of my content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results. I do not offer legal, financial, or tax advice.


Making decisions based on information presented in my products, services, or websites, should be done with the knowledge that your child may not be admitted to the colleges of his or her choice.


You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold iCollege Consulting liable for your decisions at any time, under any circumstance.




iCollege Consulting’s phone number is 818-419-4966, the fax number is 310-300-0266 and the e-mail address is:


In the event of legal action arising from the services provided as part of the Concierge College Counseling product, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable costs and attorney’s fees.  This agreement shall be governed by California law, with the venue to be Los Angeles County, California. Principal intends to use modern methods of communication including but not limited to e-mail, text, fax and cell phone.


The terms and privacy policies for iCollege Consulting can be accessed via the links below. 

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