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The Standout Program

A framework of layered strategies that allow your teen to standout in the college admissions process. 

The STANDOUT Program for College Admissions Success is based on 9 years of personal experience working with high school students who were successful in obtaining admissions to selective colleges and extensive research gaining an insight into  what colleges are looking for in applicants, as well as understanding the outside pressures put on admission officers to support their colleges personal needs and objectives.

The "STANDOUT" framework incorporates key strategies and tips for students to allow them to standout from the crowd by focusing on strategies to maximize potential opportunities while still in high school, by presenting a cohesive story of their strengths and ambitions that is unique and detailed, and are by applying to colleges that make sense in terms of cost, likelihood or admission, major considerations, and college preferences.  

The competition for selective colleges is fierce.  Students have to standout from the crowd.  The strategies contained in the framework allow students to do just that....STANDOUT in the college admissions process!

When you enroll in The “STANDOUT" Program, your teen will receive:


  • 10 hours of training live on-line or in-person (over 5 consecutive weeks (90 minutes of training; 30 minutes of

  • Q and A.)   Parents are welcome to take part in the training!

  • Downloadable PDFs of course materials

  • Samples and templates for resumes, extracurricular activities, and essays.

  • Customizable deadline charts for all phases of the application process (pre-application, application, and post-application phases)

  • Email access - you and your teem may have additional questions throughout the college planning and application process after the formal 5 week training has ended,  As I am invested in your success - as part of this programs offerings, I will make myself available to you by email until May 1st of Senior Year (Limit: 3 emails per month).  

  • Guarantee - no more than 3 students on-line or in person per session


And More….

  • An extracurricular activities and awards spreadsheet – easy to adapt for any application

  • A campus-visit guide and spreadsheet allowing you to make the most of your college visits and allowing for easy college comparisons

  • A financial aid award letter spreadsheet, allowing you to compare your financial aid awards side-by-side


And Still More…

  • A bonus PDF on What to do and When after you select your college.

And the "Ultimate" More...

  • I feel so strongly about the quality of the information presented in The "Standout" Program, that I am offering it to you with a 14-day money back guarantee.  If after attending the first 2 weeks of the program, you or your teen does not think the strategies contained in The Standout Program will help him or her standout and improve their admission chances, simply email me within 14 days of the first session, and I will refund your money, no questions asked.  The training, powerpoint presentations, and spreadsheets are the very same ones I use with my private clients for one-to-one counseling and coaching.




The total cost of The “STANDOUT” program is $997

Allow Your Teen To Shine!

New Sessions Coming Soon